Asbestos removal.

OK, so you’ve made the smart move and got us to inspect the material in question, your pleasantly surprised by our quote to remove it and you want to go ahead – what now? We can get the ball rolling for you.

All asbestos removal work that is undertaken by a licensed asbestos removalist MUST have government approval. The reasons for this are:

  • So Safe Work SA is aware of the amount of asbestos being removed from the community and who is carrying out the work.

  • Safe Work SA inspectors can “check” up on licensed contractors to ensure that asbestos is being removed in accordance with the regulations to proctect all parties involved.

  • So Safe Work SA is aware of what work is being done, where it is being done and who has been notified (neighbors, surrounding business’ etc)

  • Safe Work SA can quickly act on reports from the public and take action against those who are removing asbestos illegally or against the regulations.

We prepare all the necessary applications and lodge them with Safe Work SA. We notify your neighbors of the day and time that the work is to be done. We make sure that all preparations are made to make the job go smoothly and safely, not just during the removal process but also for the safe transport and disposal of the asbestos waste.

We have four EPA licensed transport vehicles that can safely transport and dispose of asbestos waste, some larger or long term jobs may require large “roll off” bins – but don’t worry – we take care of that too! We also handle the EPA paperwork required for the transport and disposal of “listed” wastes.

We engage independent contractors to carry out air quality monitoring, this is a mandatory requirement and is in place throughout the removal process, to protect not only our clients but our own staff as well. Air monitoring acts as a safety check to ensure that the asbestos has been removed safely, leaving your home clean and safe to re-occupy.

So we do all the leg work to ensure that your asbestos removal job is carried out in a professional and safe manner, making the process a pleasant and re-assuring experience for the customer.

We also make sure we have your property covered. Although it is not mandatory we have Public Liability insurance tailored specially for asbestos removal for up to ten million dollars. A LOT of people are unaware that normal building liability insurance DOES NOT COVER asbestos related damages, we take these steps because we are serious about providing our customers with high standards of customer service and protection – just in case.

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